The Site has gone Dark!

or: 'Look at me Now!'


Happy Wednesday!

Reading dark text on bright backgrounds hurts my skull. My IDE, terminal, cell phone and web browser all use dark themes. So why on earth was my website gleaming whitw?

Some things I realized:

  • dark blue is more fun than plain old black.
  • I'm a fan of Source Code Pro. It's my terminal font, so it only felt right to use it on my site as well.
  • shadows on a dark background are pretty weird, and on this site unnecessary.
  • sass makes changing colors EXTREMELY easy!
  • Gatsby implements a print stylesheet, so that if you attempt to print my site it won't use all your blue ink.

I had grandiose dreams at one time of adding a darkmode toggle to the site, but I could never see myself turning it off! I plan to do this later - easy enough with state management in React. Perhaps I'll elaborate more on the darkmode conversion then.

Meanwhile, enjoy!


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